Craig Miller

Craig Miller Executive Coach, Official Site,  Author of "It's Up To You: Learn Ten Powerful Leadership Practices".



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Craig Miller works with successful leaders and teams across the globe. He coaches and supports them in learning how to be more effective, expanding their comfort zones, and helping them create satisfying results and lives for themselves and those around them.

Craig spent twenty-two years as a corporate line executive, leading and managing sales teams for advertising and marketing companies. His track record of success spans a number of continents (namely North America, Europe, and South America). The breadth of his background means he quickly grasps the key issues in the client’s environment and relates it to broad business experience and current best practices.

As an American who has lived in Spain for twenty-eight years, he brings a deeper understanding of what it means to live and work outside of one’s home country. Craig focuses on helping teams and senior leaders develop new practices, which are directly relevant and aligned with the results they promise to produce.

Originally from the San Francisco Bay area, Craig lives in Madrid with his wife and their youngest son. Their two older sons are both students in Los Angeles.