Craig Miller

Craig Miller Executive Coach, Official Site,  Author of "It's Up To You: Learn Ten Powerful Leadership Practices".




It's up to you

Learn Ten Ways to Practice Leadership

Leadership Can Be Learned 

Low motivation on the team, lack of accountability, tension in the workplace—these issues plague both new and experienced leaders. And when the team doesn’t produce desired results, so often the leader ends up filling the gap by working overtime because the better way isn’t clear. But leadership, and how to be a great leader, can be learned.

Leadership is a performance art, and you can’t get good without practice. In It’s Up To You, author Craig Miller offers ten essential practices leaders can use to get better results from their people and achieve greater success and satisfaction.

This guide teaches…

How to be more strategic and visionary as a leader.

How to be less busy and less stressed.

How to stop chasing people for updates and get better results from the team.

And many other simple, yet powerful practices leaders at any level can use so everything works better.