Craig Miller

Craig Miller Executive Coach, Official Site,  Author of "It's Up To You: Learn Ten Powerful Leadership Practices".


Craig has pushed me to recognize important leadership challenges that are critical to my performance as a leader, and has helped me to develop approaches to manage them. I have developed a more cohesive relationship with my staff, improved self-awareness, and strengthened my effectiveness in leading, communicating and guiding.

I have also had Craig coach my staff where he quickly gained the trust and respect of the team.His personal coaching made a positive difference in their individual development and has improved our performance as a team.

 Sr. Vice President and Global Head of Business Development and Licensing, Bayer Pharmaceuticals.


The sessions facilitated by Craig have been energizing, engaging and paced that we get the maximum benefit from the time spent together. Craig consistently pries the significant issues and opportunities into the open and facilitates a conversation that brings actionable results.

Craig has brought us some concrete frameworks that have become the basis for our conversations internally and with business counterparts, and these have lifted our value in the organization as our objectives have become promises, and our asks have become offers.

Sr. Vice President, Brand adidas Operations Global Operations



Working with Craig helped me get closer to my values and purpose while also helping me create the right learning climate for my team.

His largest asset is his ability to listen and reflect – serving as a mirror for you to find the right solutions for your challenges. I appreciated that he always helped me align holistically – not just professionally, taking into account my personal interests and environment and helping me align them with my work. I would recommend him to anyone trying to get closer to their purpose and best performance in life and work.

Manager, Strategic Partnerships, Facebook and TED Fellow.